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Create Your Ebook Using Best Ebook Creation Tools

Create your Ebook using best Ebook creation tools

Creating an E-book is not an easy job

Writers can only imagine and frame it into words or sentences which at last you read in the form of books. The question which arises is how to keep up with the present era or trend which is called digitalization? Authors who have been writing for many years can contact professionals or people they know who can arrange the whole system for the creation of an E-book. For authors who have stepped into the writing, the world may find this job a bit tough or complicated. Now people have switched to reading E-books and want to save time or energy.

The creation of E-book means less cut down of trees which was earlier been followed for the making of paper and at last assembling of books. Now things have changed and E-book has arrived. Anybody can read those long chapters on their devices such as tablets, Pc’s or mobile phones. The E-book can be opened on any device which means no need of carrying heavy books and worry about them being lost. Authors also find E-book convenient and want to create their presence on E-book rather than a printed form of books. Using below mentioned Ebook creation tools can ease your burden of creating one.

List of some best Ebook creation tools:

1. Kitaboo

Ebook Creation Tools

This tool is a perfect Ebook creator. Start creating and publishing DRM protected content using its cloud-based digital publishing platform. There is an assurance of protection of your content against thefts and piracy which is perfect. Conversion of your digital manuscript into ePUB files is possible using the Kitaboo conversion service. If you want to create an E-book then use its authoring platform. You can easily add amazing features like videos, audio, images, read aloud and much more to your Ebook. Users may find your E-book quite interesting and pleasing if you add such features. It ensures that your Ebook can be accessed using any device.

2. Epubee maker

It is free software that can be used for the creation of an E-book. You can easily convert your word files into Mobi, ePUB or PDF formats as it is a Word add-in. After you have finished installing the add-in in MS-Word then you can start converting word documents to Mobi, ePUB or PDF. Start transferring your Ebook to various reading devices like the Nook, Kindle, Kobo, etc once your E-book is distribution ready. ePUBee maker is perfect to be used as an eBook Editor and eBook Reader. Various file formats can be easily imported to be read on MS Word. This tool can be used for the creation of an E-book from your word file.

3. Flipbuilder

Ebook Creation Tools

This tool is another perfect Ebook creator and the most interesting thing about this software is filliping of page effect can be experienced while you jump to the next page in your Ebook. You won’t find this flipping effect in normal E-book which makes this tool unique. The addition of multimedia elements to your E-book is possible and the conversion of PDFs into various Ebook files is possible for any eReader you want. Accessing the E-book from any system or platform is possible. You can start using this software once you have downloaded it on your Android, IOS or windows.

4. Blurb

Ebook Creation Tools

If you wish to create and publish your Ebook then you should try this software provided by Blurb. For starting the book creation you need to download its free desktop software package first. It allows you to upload a PDF and converting it into an Ebook. There is a minimum requirement that is you need at least twenty two pages for creating an Ebook from a PDF. After the E-book is ready then it assists you in selling your Ebook. Everything from logistics, shipping, and on-demand printing is perfectly handled by Blurb.

5. Pressbooks


This tool is quite simple and easy to use online tool. Firstly, you have to sign up and then start creating your Ebook. In case you have a premade manuscript then importing the file is possible plus pasting chapters in this eBook creation software. You can easily add video, audio and image files also. The selection of the look of your page from their list of display templates can be easily done. Once the E-book is created then exporting it in ePUB, PDF, Mobi, Epub3, XHTML formats is possible. After you have finished downloading your files then start submission of the files to various E-book stores or can rely on third party distributors for selling the E-book you created.

6. FlipHTML5

HTML5 digital publishing platform

This tool works fine for creating an interactive E-book and you should know that this is an HTML5 digital publishing platform where you can attach your content with various hyperlinks, multimedia images, and animation. Providing a free online hosting service also lets you publish books online no matter if you have a website or not. E-books that are created can be easily accessed on every device and all web browsers. This tool is free and helps convert PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice and Images to HTML5 which turns your E-book more interesting and quite cool. The creation of a custom domain for your E-book is possible if you use FlipHTML5.

Note: All the E-book creation tools mentioned above are compatible with almost every device and you may need to download them first to start the creation of E-book on your system.

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Launch the best E-book now

Now you can easily create the best E-book which may bring name and fame for you. Beginners’ guide can be used for getting started. No matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate, these tools will surely help you through the entire process of E-book creation. Let the people know how creative you are and also do them a favor by launching an E-book which will save their time and may create more interest in them to go through your Ebook. The world has changed so the technology so it is better to switch to the smart world of digitalization rather than counting stars.


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