If you are into service sector and sell services to earn a living and want to take your services online, you are in the right article. Today, we will tell how you can easily sell your freelancing services online via a WordPress eCommerce website and earn huge money. Yes, this is possible with the help of a WordPress WooCommerce website a WooCommerce add-on called Woo Sell Services. Wondering how to do that? Let us tell you that.

Starting With A WordPress WooCommerce Website

If you have already created a WordPress website before, you must be well aware of the requirements of a WordPress website. But if you are new to creating a WordPress website, you will require these major things:

  • A Domain Name
  • A Hosting Account
  • And a WordPress Install

There are many hosting companies that will offer you all these three at affordable prices. Some of our top picks are:
1. Bluehost
2. Siteground
3. InMotion
4. WP Engine

Once your hosting provider has installed WordPress, you will be ready to add themes and plugins to extend the functionality of your website. You can simply install a free theme or a premium theme on your site but make sure it is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

After installing a theme and getting the desired design, you will need a plugin that will provide you the functionality to sell products online. One of the best plugins for this purpose is WooCommerce. This plugin offers various useful features to help you create an online store. It’s free of cost and very easy to handle. You can simply install the plugin and create your own eCommerce store.

Selling Services With Woo Sell Services

WooCommerce is by far the most popular plugin to help you create an online store with WordPress. With the help of this plugin, you can sell different types of products online such as physical products, digital products, affiliates, etc. The base plugin is free of cost but if you want to extend its functionality you will have to purchase its premium addon. For instance, if you wish to sell subscriptions online, you will have to purchase an addon called WooCommerce Subscriptions. Similarly, if you want to start selling services online, you will have to install an add-on called Woo Sell Services. Let us know more about this add on further:

About Woo Sell Services

This WooCommerce add on allows you to easily sell services online just like a product is sold. It adds product type called Service where a vendor can easily add his service, his requirement questions, estimated delivery time, and cost of service.

Woo Sell Services also offers a dedicated conversation section for vendors and customers to communicate with each other regarding the service being sold. Moreover, it allows the vendor to mention any requirements that he wishes his customer to answer. Both vendors and customers can also add reviews for each other.

Vendor And Customer Capabilities:

This plugin offers various capabilities to add and sell services online. These include:

1. Create a service just like the product:

This plugin allows a vendor to create a service just like a product is created. It adds a new service tab on the product page which allows vendors to add his service.

2. A Vendor Can Add Multiple Questions

A vendor can also add requirements or questions that he wants his customer to answer for easy fulfillment of service. The order only starts when a customer fulfills these requirements.

3. Email Triggers For Orders

Woo Sell Services also allows vendors and customers alike to receive email triggers when any service has been purchased. They also receive real-time notification for any conversation trigger that has happened in relation to each sale.

4. Easy Order Management

Woo Sell Services also allows vendors and customers to easily manage all their orders at one place. This plugin adds a service tab for the vendor and customer where they can manage all their services individually.

5. A Dedicated Conversation

In order to provide both the parties an effective channel to communicate with each other and discuss any queries related to the services.

6. Final Delivery

Furthermore, this plugin allows the vendor to give a final delivery of the order by providing him with a final delivery checkbox. Once a vendor has check-marked this box, it will go to the customer for final approval.
A customer will also get a similar box to checkmark once he is satisfied with the final delivery.

7. Adding Reviews and Ratings

Woo Sell Services also offers both vendors and customers to provide a review to each other regarding the service sold and work performed. These reviews can also be synced with WooCommerce ratings and reviews.

Ready To Start Your Service Selling Website With Woo Sell Services?

Woo Sell Services is a great plugin to help you start your freelancing business online. From content, designing, development to SEO, you can sell any service with the help of this add-on along with various extended features such as adding ratings and reviews.

Get Woo Sell Services Here.

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