Online communities like Facebook and Twitter have connected audiences of wide interest from all over the world. All these social community websites provide a platform for people to share their thoughts and experiences with their online friends. However, these social networking sites are not completely safe for us. While on one side there are people who in good faith share their interest and likings online while on the other side there are spammers who find ways to misuse such content and use it for their benefit.

Similar is the case with a BuddyPress community website. A community website created using the WordPress platform and BuddyPress plugin also becomes vulnerable to spammer attacks. A spammer can easily surpass your registration process and start making your BuddyPress community spammy.

Moderating BuddyPress Community Website

BuddyPress also allows its members to perform a variety of activities on the community such as sharing activity, sending friend connections, participating in group discussions, sending private messages and much more. Therefore, all these components should be kept safe from spammers. A well moderated and managed community also helps in encouraging trust among your members so that they can participate freely in your community activities.
Today, we will tell you about a few amazing BuddyPress add-ons that will help in keeping your BuddyPress community straight and functional. So, let’s get started:

1. BuddyPress Lock – Private Community

BuddyPress Lock – Private Community

A very useful plugin to keep your BuddyPress community fully private, BuddyPress Lock offers features to lock certain components of your community from logged out users.
Components like BuddyPress Components, WordPress Pages, Custom Post Types can be locked from public view with the help of this plugin.

You can also choose which pages you wish to keep private or public. It is a very useful plugin to keep your community clean and away from spambots. Only the ones who are registered will be able to access the private content and any other outsider will be redirected to the login page.

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2. BuddyPress Private Community Pro

BuddyPress Private Community Pro

Another very useful BuddyPress add on and an extended version of BuddyPress Lock, this plugin offers additional lockdown features to your BuddyPress community website.
By default, all the BuddyPress member profiles are public and can be indexed by Google by default. So, anyone can easily view a member’s profile which can expose a lot of profile data to spammers.

BuddyPress Private Community Pro plugin will lock down all the BuddyPress components especially the ones that are indexed by Google from logged in and logged out users. In order to view any content, an outsider will have to log in further. It also offers many other useful features such as adjusting what people can see on your profile, options to limit excessive group creation, joining and a maximum number of members in a group and limiting BuddyPress components based on specific user or member role.

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3. BuddyPress Moderation Pro

BuddyPress Moderation Pro

BuddyPress Moderation Pro is a very useful plugin that offers multiple moderation features for a BuddyPress community website. It allows an admin to enable automatic moderation features for BuddyPress components such as activities, comments, posts and private messaged. This plugin allows site members to moderate sitewide activities by attaching flags to the content they consider as spammy or inappropriate. This plugin adds links/buttons to allow members to flag content sitewide.

Furthermore, an admin can see all the flagged content in an organized manner and can also take action against flagged content. He has many options that he can take against such members such as temporarily deactivating such accounts, removing access to perform any activity, hide blocked members to be displayed on pages and more.
This plugin can largely help in keeping your community free from any spam or spammy member who is trying to disrupt the privacy of your social networking site.

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Keep Your BuddyPress Community Clean

All the above-mentioned plugins can be really helpful and useful to help you keep your BuddyPress social community website clean and free from any spam.  We all now know how important it is to keep our private community away from any spammer and with the help of these plugins you can not only keep your social network safe but can also gain the confidence and trust of your community members.

We hope you found this article informative. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comment section below.



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