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Use Social Polls to Boost Audience Engagement On Your BuddyPress Community - Varun Dubey

Having a community website of your own is not difficult anymore with the WordPress platform and BuddyPress plugin. But when it comes to getting your site members to engage your social networking website, it becomes a tricky task even when you have a well thought out social media strategy at a place. But engaging words, images, and videos aren’t the only tools that you can use to drive members towards your community website- social media polls are one of the most incredible ways to attract more and more visitors towards your BuddyPress community website.

Polls offer unique advantages when it comes to learning about your members. They also provide a great engaging aspect to your community website. More and more members feel interested in participating in social media polls set up on your community website.

Advantages Of Having Polls In Your BuddyPress Community Website

Here are a few reasons why adding polls to your BuddyPress powered community can play an essential role in taking your social network to the next level:

1. People love answering questions especially when they do not have to worry about providing the wrong answer. Polls can be considered as a perfect answer to this.

2. Polls are a very quick and simple option for your site members to participate. It hardly takes a few minutes to complete a poll.

3. Polls are a great way to help you find what your audience feels about certain things and what they actually want which can eliminate a lot of guesswork.

How To Add Polls To Your Community Website?

Social Polls to Boost Audience Engagement

BuddyPress does not provide members to feature to add polls and vote on polls posted by other members. But this can be done with the help of a BuddyPress add-on called BuddyPress Polls.

This plugin allows you to create polls inside BuddyPress activity so that your members can provide their responses to your polls. You can also allow your community members to create polls inside activity and vote on them.

BuddyPress Polls offers following features for your community website:

1. It comes with a widget to display poll results with graphs.

2. It extends the functionality of BuddyPress Activity to update polls and works perfectly for BuddyPress activities and groups.

3. Allows members to create polls with single and multiple-choice options at the frontend.

4. It offers a responsive design and fits well on all mobile devices.

5. Offers complete safety of polls by disallowing logged out users to vote or see the poll results.

See the plugin live in action:

BuddyPress polls

Get BuddyPress Polls Today!

Increase Social Engagement With Polls

Thus, polls can be an effective way to increase user engagement and boost conversions on your BuddyPress community website. They will not only help you know what your members think but will also offer an interactive platform to them to communicate with each other on certain topics. BuddyPress Polls is an easy to use plugin and can be really useful in giving your social network the boost it needs. You can get this plugin today and start adding polls to your community.

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