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Take Your BuddyPress Community To New Heights With Hashtags Feature - Varun Dubey

You all must have seen #sign preceded with a word at almost all social media networks. if you aren’t aware of this, it is known as a hashtag. If you are not aware of this latest marketing tactic, A hashtag is a short link that is preceded by a hash # symbol. These hashtags turn phrases and words into searchable links. This makes it easy to find a word or phrase that you are interested in. So one can easily identify the content that has been published on social media sites related to a particular topic without getting involved in tedious content searching process.

Importance of using Hashtags

Hashtags play an important role in social media marketing. They can also be used effectively to promote a new product or service and also allow people to stay updated on a current trend or topic. Here are a few reasons why hashtags are important:

1. Hashtags used in content expand your content reach
2. Hashtags help in growing your brand.
3. Hashtag also improves the SEO of your website thus improving your Google search engine results.
4. Hashtags allow you and your site members to stay updated with the ongoing trends around the world.

How Can You Use Hashtags On your BuddyPress Community?

BuddyPress is a free and highly flexible WordPress plugin that offers amazing features to help you create a community website with WordPress. With this plugin, you can create your own website just like Facebook.
Though this plugin offers a lot of features such as activity, private messaging, friend requests and more, it does not offer features to add hashtags on the social network website. This makes the content of the network to stay within the profile of a user and not become searchable terms while browsing the community.

However, adding a hashtag feature to your community website is not an impossible task. With the help of an incredible add-on for BuddyPress called BuddyPress Hashtags, you can easily allow adding hashtags to any WordPress BuddyPress community website.

About BuddyPress Hashtags

BuddyPress Hashtags

BuddyPress Hashtag is a dedicated add-on for BuddyPress and bbPress. This addon allows users to add hashtags to any BuddyPress activity or bbPress topic. These hashtags then turn into links and are used as search items based on topics.
Furthermore, BuddyPress Hashtags provides dedicated widgets for BuddyPress activities and bbPress forums. You can display these widgets at the desired sidebars. These widgets will display most used hashtags throughout the entire community.

Other useful features of this plugin include:

1. Support For WordPress Posts And Pages To Include Hashtags:

Add Hashtags on your WordPress posts and pages and make them more searchable in your BuddyPress community.

2. Provides Admin Option To Clear Old Hashtags:

Admin can also delete older hashtags for BuddyPress, bbPress, WordPress blog posts and pages from the BuddyPress and bbPress widgets.

3. Multi-language hashtags:

multi language hashtags

You can also allow your community members to add hashtags in their native language. BuddyPress Hashtags also offers a feature to post hashtags in multiple languages as well. These hashtags once posted turn into searchable links.

See the plugin live in action:

Get BuddyPress Hashtags

The Takeaway

Thus, hashtags play a very important role in giving heights to your community website. Using BuddyPress Hashtags plugin can offer your members to add hashtags and search other hashtags as well thus making them more involved in your BuddyPress social network.




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