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Filter Out Bad Words From Your BuddyPress Comunity Website - Varun Dubey

Unwanted messages, comments, texts in your social community is always frustrating. Those bad words comment that you actually not need and messages of people that you do not know probably make your day worse. Similar is the case with a BuddyPress community website. There are many such users who post anything unpleasant or nasty on your community website. Such behaviour not only make your community look bad but also keeps away interested members of your site.

The only way to stop such unwanted comments, messages from entering your BuddyPress website is by filtering them out as soon as they are added to your community website. One really useful plugin that will help you keep your community free from such profane words is the BuddyPress Profanity plugin. Let us discuss the features of this plugin in detail.

What BuddyPress Profanity does?

BuddyPress Profanity

This plugin is BuddyPress dedicated and will add an essential feature to your BuddyPress website. BuddyPress Profanity allows you to remove all the unwanted and bad keywords from your community website. It also gives you options to create your own list of bad keywords to be filtered out.

Front End Censoring

Front End Censoring allows you to censor unwanted words from your community. Once you have entered a list of keywords, and have the filter options set as per your requirements, your community will be protected from unwanted content. Thus, this plugin allows you to enter your list of keywords that you consider profane for your community website.

Clean Out Activities

Filter Out Bad Words From Your BuddyPress Comunity Website

This plugin will filter out bad words as soon as they are posted in your community that is in real-time.
Other options that this plugin offers include advanced control over posted content. These include strict, non-strict filtering. Moreover, flagged words that are embedded in whole words can be ignored when strict filtering is off.
However, when strict filtering is on, it will not ignore the filtered keyword.

Select content to be filtered:

This plugin also allows censoring unwanted content in components such as Status Updates, Activity Comments, and Private Messages. You can also choose the one that you do not want to be filtered among these components.

Case Matching:

This feature will allow an admin to also filter case insensitive words. For instance, if a word is written in lower and upper case letters, the plugin will censor that word too. Case insensitive matching type is considered better as it captures more words.

See The Plugin Live In Action:


Keep Profanity Away From Your BuddyPress Profile

Thus, BuddyPress Profanity is a very useful plugin when it comes to filtering out unwanted content from your community website. This plugin not only keeps your community clean but also allows your members to develop trust in whatever they are posting online without the fear of any profanity that might happen around the community.

You can get the plugin here.

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